About Us

Hello, We are InkNdry.
Established 2014 – LEUVEN.


Nowadays wearing the same kind of tee is too mainstream, we tend to be unique and look unique. With this mindset, we are here for your service. We make the printing of your ideas to the stuffs/garment that we wear everyday as simple as possible . Together with this we ensure you the best price possible.
“Sketch your imagination” being the motto of our company, we try to make some difference in our daily lives. We provide wide range of products to make the life of you and your dear & near ones’ worth remembering. Let it be tshirts, iphone covers , key hanger,  caps or cups, we personalize it for you and your dear ones.  You could wear it or gift it; that we leave upon you.

We specialize on digital printing; the purest form of accuracy.

Your task is our passion. Come up with the ideas to impress your dear & near ones, we will be more than happy to serve you.

We have wide range of products ranging from budget to sustainable and  environmentally friendly. We already have integrated the organic textiles as the premium textiles. The choice is yours.

Precision is the art and we tend to get it right. With the likes of  Brother GT3 series, one of the finest and the leader in its category, we are proud to say we can provide that precision as an art.

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